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Artist Statement

"I try to express emotions through vibrant abstract colour-landscapes and symbolic bodies, especially faces. I’m interested in portraying today’s society and the individual’s emotions within the society. Emotions about decision making, relationships and purpose and the world in general. Particularly the decision of being one element in the chain or being a self-determined outsider concerns me. Often I illustrate the weight one has to carry (expectations of the environment and society in general) with symbolic earrings."


Carina Schubert lives and works in Vienna, Austria. The daughter of an entrepreneur and a primary school teacher was born and raised in Vienna. From the earliest age Carina Schubert discovered painting, drawing and writing as her passions and as invaluable means of expressing her emotions. Nevertheless, she has been always torn between two worlds. Between being a visual Artist and working in the field of communications. Besides not completed studies such as Architecture and Art Therapy, Carina Schubert acquired a Bachelors Degree in Corporate Communications and a Masters Degree in Executive Management – Entrepreneurship.


Her stays abroad, far away from her personal environment, were essential for her artistic development. Her 6-month stay on Hawai’i made her perceive colours in a more vibrant way and during her 10-month stay in Florida she developed a symbolic figurative language, expressing emotions through bodies and faces. Although Carina Schubert has been working several years full-time in the marketing and business sector in national and international companies, she is using every spare minute to produce art and to organize exhibitions of her artwork.

Solo Shows


2014: "Inspiration Florida Hawaii", Amtshaus Wieden, Vienna

2014: "Carina Schubert", Marien-Apotheke 1180 Vienna

2012: "Stein & Kunst", SCHUBERT STONE, Vienna

2011: "carina schubert", SCHUBERT STONE, Vienna

2009: "carina schubert", Roma Lounge, Vienna

Group Shows

2011: "KUNST & PUNSCH" Offenes Atelier für Lebenskunst, Vienna

Awards and Foreign Experience

2012-2013: Fulbright Grant as a Teaching Assistant | Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida

2010: Exchange semester at Hawai’i Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawai'i


2015: Style up your Live Living: "Große Gefühle - Ein Portrait über die junge Wiener Künstlerin Carina Schubert, die ihr Innerstes in knallbunten Farbkombinationen festhält"

2014: Die StadtSpionin | Das Wien-Portal für Frauen: "Inspiration Florida Hawaii"

2014: Artwork in the "FM4 Stehkalender"


2013-2016: Executive Management - Entrepreneurship | FH-Wien, Vienna, Austria

2015: Art Therapy | Sigmund Freud Universität, Vienna, Austria

2012-2013: Fine Arts | Rollins College, Winterpark, Florida (Dana Hargrove, Rachel Simmons)

2009-2012: Corporate Communications | FH-Wien, Vienna, Austria

2008-2009: Architecture | TU Wien, Vienna, Austria

2005-2010: Art-Workshops | Vienna, Austria